keteles.com provides a 3-year warranty for e-bike frame and a 1-year warranty for parts (*including customers buying the parts separately) which starts from the day the package is delivered to customers.

If there is some part of your product you received has a quality problem we will send you a replacement part for free (The warranty covers all the defects that are caused by Keteles company. For more info please contact us via our live chat or please contact our Customer Service Support via info@keteles.com

All components, such as battery or rear racks can be purchased separately in our shop. Keteles could be easily repaired by replacing the broken part. We always diagnose and send free replacement parts for E-bikes under warranty. A shipping fee for replacement will be included in the warranty.

We reply to all questions within 1-2 days(not including holidays).


The warranty will not cover E-bikes stolen.

Video or pictures are necessary evidence for our After-sale Service.

 Notes: the following conditions are not covered by the warranty.
 1. Water damage to the battery, motor, and controller.
 2. Man-made damage, self-modification, collision damage of spare parts, etc.
 3. Tire puncture by sharp objects.
 4. Test and dispose of the e-bike for sale.
 5. Products or accessories that are beyond the warranty period.
 6. Improper use by the user resulted in damage to the bicycle and failure to follow the terminal’s instructions for repair and maintenance.
 7. Poor and damaged due to natural disasters, man-made disasters irresistible forces, or chemical attacks.
 8. For accessories that do not need to be returned
 9. Damage caused by modification or addition or subtraction of other accessories
 10. It is a vulnerable or consumable item in normal use ( accessory coating, inner tube, thread tube, order piece, sprocket, chain, pedal). It is not covered by human injury, damage, or normal wear and tear.

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